2 comments on “Jesus INSISTED!

  1. I’m venturing out. God has reminded me this won’t be a “walk in the park” or a smooth sailing ride in a cruise ship…I began reading Thomas Keating’s book (or interview) about the 12 step program and know God is calling me to participate. I’ve argued with Him that due to my advanced years, why bother at this time. He keeps nudging. I know there is a lot of unfinished business buried deep in the file cabinet of my heart that He wants cleaned out and tossed…
    Your message just confirms that I need to pick up the oars, get into the “eye of the storm and let go…
    Thanks for writing this. God has used it…So ~ off I go…sueb

  2. Thanks for telling me that, Sue. Sometimes I don’t know what to publish, and then I think, “Maybe this one.” It’s nice to know I was hearing correctly.

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