4 comments on “Do You Use Your Books?

  1. Yup, I do! But, it’s generally on the 2nd or sometimes 3rd reading of a book. The first time I read a book, it is generally a fast reading, then, if I am drawn back to it, I go to work on it, drawing out what our Father would say to me or something I can use as an encouragement for another. I’m getting ready to reread your book, so be aware – I’ll probably have questions!!!

  2. I have 700 plus books. I can’t give away, sell or loan any of them for this very reason. I am always afraid I may want to reference a note, underline or dog ear later. I know people who wouldn’t write in a book if their life depended on it. I just don’t understand it. I have to write thoughts down as I go and margins are perfect for that. I hope others read your post and relax about writing in books. I know the books don’t mind.

  3. Compulsive,

    For me, not writing in a book is like not wanting to hit a nail with a hammer. However, if I had a signed first edition of John Steinbeck’s East of Eden, I wouldn’t allow a pen within a hundred feet. But that is different. I also like you statement, “I know the books don’t mind.” In fact, they probably feel better when we write in them, because they know they’re being used in a wonderful way!

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