3 comments on “The Aroma of Tears

  1. …interesting thought. whose responsibility is it to engage the congregation in worship? or is it even possible? i’m thinking the congregation does what it wants on Sunday morning. it might be too much responsibility is placed on the pastor to engage, when the engaging needs to be done by the individual priests all during the week in preparation for a celebration service… just my thoughts.

  2. This is so true! THe Lord is much freer to walk among us when our hearts are already open to Him and our minds are set on things above & not what happened at work yesterday. There will always be those who come in such need that the worship washes over them before they can participate. But if the rest of us come prepared to engage then the whole (willing) congregation gets to dance with Jesus.

  3. Beth,
    Thanks for your thoughtful words. I really enjoyed your added perspective about that third group of people, those who need to have the worship wash over them before they can participate. What a wonderful way to encourage others to join in singing their worship to God!


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