7 comments on “Heavenly Songs VS. Earthly Noise

  1. I’m with you; I can’t imagine singing one song 24/7 — even a song glorifying the Lord Almighty. And I know I’m not even close when it comes to worship with my whole heart, soul, and mind.

  2. Lamb,

    I don’t believe we’ll sing one song 24/7, but I also think we’ll discover that TRUE worship is more than just singing. Still, I’m looking forward to getting lost in worship, knowing there is no more time to worry about and no other place of importance that I’d rather be than in the complete presence of God Almighty. It’s interesting that I rarely feel that way about a church gathering….

  3. Jim,

    I’ve got to agree with you here —
    For me, church can be one of the loneliest places. Surrounded by people who are suppose to love me and who I am suppose to love — the missing of perfection bothers me. I want this experience to be like heaven and of course it can’t be. I think church could be closer to heaven than it is, but alas —

    To stand in the glory of God and see His face — what a thought!

    God bless, Carley (Lambskinny)

  4. Carley,
    It seems impossible that the place where the children of God choose to meet the Father on a weekly basis can be the loneliest–and sometimes most unsafe-place in the world. With the father in our midst, how do we miss His complete love. It is a mystery. However, this “perfection” starts with me and the choice I make to focus on God.



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