2 comments on “No Longer A Slave

  1. I appreciate your comments. It reminds me of Andy Stanley’s latest series: Recovery Road. He says if we want our country to recover from the mess it’s in, we must realize that it begins with ‘me’ not ‘you’. It begins with ‘us’ not ‘they’. Until we, as followers of CHRIST, get our house in order, how can we expect anyone else, especially our government to do the same (since ours is a ‘government of the people’ ?
    Under His mercy,

  2. Pamela,

    It was good to meet you today. I apologize for not responding to your comment sooner. That was rude of me.

    I like your statement that we must realize it begins with “me” and not “you.” Too often we want to blame others for the bad decisions we make, and then, naturally, take all the credit for the good decisions we make! Every good decision I’ve ever made is a result of people teaching me how to make those decisions!



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