4 comments on “Warning: Church Membership Ahead

  1. Well played, sir, well played! “Christians” are the absolute worst representation of Christ a majority of the time. I think that is why there is this entire movement of people who don’t associate themselves with the Christian label and call themselves “Followers of Christ.” There are more Pharisees in today’s church than anyone is willing to recongnize! Thanks, you rock–in your face with that one!

  2. I have been wondering how to respond to this post and think I can boil it down to a few clear thoughts.

    I think that a prerequisite to this conversation is basic theological premise of the ‘ekklesia’, which I understand to be the distinct people of God, verses bums on seats in a church. I think this kind of conversation is apt but was never supposed to be missing in the first place. For many years the preconceived notion that the meeting together of ‘people’ within a church building constitutes the church (as God sees it) is obviously wrong. Else we can be saved by our location to a building instead of by turning to God. So therefore the church within a church is actually biblical and should be fully explained to those with a fresh born identity in Christ (or those hoodwinked by religion). Once a person accepts the Lord it is our job to Shepherd them still further into abundant life, which means highlighting to them that not everyone that sits on a pew is born again, or healed, or devoted, or kind even!! I was ushered into Christ in 1991 a total wreck of a person. My new family then was based out of the church of England… and I struggled through all kinds of issues that you relate of in your article. I think sometimes churches (small c) are not big C because they see themselves as a service to the community rather than a sold out Jesus people community, so therefore the Church doesn’t get the time and protection they deserve.

    I hope you get what I’m trying to say.

  3. Chris,
    I understand what you are saying. My essay, of course, is just a small part of the overall life of a local church. We must remember that if Jesus had one out of twelve that was listening to the devil, every local congregation should expect the same ratio. At this point in the life of our small church, we don’t have the problem I was addressing. The issue the girl was sharing with me happened years ago, and today she says this church is a calming, safe and healing environment. As it gets bigger, I’m sure some “religious” types will come in and try to change that, but they’ll have to go through me to do so. Much of the attitude of the people of a congregation comes from the attitude of leadership, and I’ve been around too long to let selfishness to be culture of our congregation. Yes, there will always be a church within a church, just as we’ll always have people who are content to be saved without a desire for becoming sold-out disciples. My job is as a pastor is to lead, feed, protect and release God’s people. It is not to judge their worthiness to be a part of His Kingdom.


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