6 comments on “Lessons from a Feral Cat — The End

  1. I enjoyed the random lessons, and wonder what in life made Gato afraid of human contact. Then I realize there are many human “Gatos” among us. When someone acts in a way that seems peculiar to us, do we see the hurt within them as you did with Gato, or do we try to ignore the need because it would take so much patience and “sefl sacrifice” to look within their hearts and long and pray for their healing? For these few weeks, I am a “Gato”, but it is so good to have family and friends that are patient and kind and understanding. Thank you Lord for such a patient and loving Pastor and Mrs. Pastor!

  2. I haven’t (yet) read parts 1 and 2 of Lessons from a Feral Cat, so it’s probably premature to re-blog your post but I have to – I love this. Thank you so much. Carley

  3. Jim, I understand. That’s why I mentioned I hadn’t read all three. Despite being “progressive” I guarantee that Lesson 3 stands alone. I will definitely read the others… Thanks so much. Carley

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