4 comments on “Is God Enough?

  1. God is always enough … the problem is we want more ……and the more we want, the less we are truly satisfied ….. until we say, “Enough” and admit that God alone is what we truly need!

  2. Lanette,

    You are right. God is enough and more than enough. I wonder if mankind still hears the echoes of a conversation in Garden of Eden, where the serpent told Eve she could have things God knew she didn’t need. God alone is enough, but she was lured into the idea of being like God. I think we are still drawn to that idea like sailors to the Sirens, enchanted to our destruction by the seductive song of more and more and more with the ultimate hope of being a self-sufficient god. It never happens, of course, for in the pursuit of everything but God we crash upon the rock of our own desires, only to find everything we thought we had now scattered and destroyed. I don’t mind “wanting.” I just know that wanting what God wants is a life-long discipline.



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