5 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — James 4:3

  1. Ouch! My toes are hurting! I, too, have been guilty of justifing an action to be unto God, if not verbally, mentally. When in reality, it was nothingness. I’m so thankful He grants us “do overs”!

  2. Ruth,

    Thanks for commenting. I smiled when you said you’re thankful God grants us “do overs,” for two weeks ago I preached “The God of the Do-Over:
    The Parable of the Fig Tree” from Luke 13:6-9. Yes, God likes to give us second chances. I’m alive today and that means even now I’m living in a “do over”!



  3. I am still amazed at myself how much I seek “relief” in “pleasures” without having God in the center with me… Never really satisfies!

  4. It is easy to say one needs to die to self. It is most difficult to actually die to self. The thing that makes it possible and desirable is the limitless love of Christ. Now He was willing to die to self…

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