3 comments on “Alternate Lifestyles and the Attraction of Jesus

  1. Huge AMEN!! When did the body of Christ begin to have degrees of sin. If you do x…well, maybe God will allow you to squeak through into Heaven, but if you do y…it’s straight to hell. Do not pass go or collect anything!

    Our church is multiracial and multi recovering. I’d safely say that 90% of our body is recovering from something. That does not stop our pastor from preaching all of the Word or placing anyone not following Christ in a leadership position. But ALL are welcome. We have homeless coming in with their bags, those who come with alcohol on their breath, gays attending with their partner, former (fill in the blank),gossips, liars, haters, and trouble makers. By the way, I believe the last four categories cause the most damage to the message of Christ! (and our churches are full of them! The greatest tool of satan, IMHO.)

    I John is so clear. If we do not love, then God is not in us! I John 2:6 states, “Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did.” As a dear friend often reminds us….Catch some fish, but let the Holy Spirit clean them up! As the song says, “They will know we are Christians by our love.” Great word and encouragement for today!

  2. Ruth,

    Thanks for a such a nice reply. I really like it when you wrote, “I believe [gossips, liars, haters and trouble makers] cause the most damage to the message of Christ!” I would always rather minster and work with an honest gay, lesbian or alcoholic person than a gossip or a liar. Give me an honest sinner over a dishonest “saint” any day!



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