One comment on “Don’t Buy The Shirt, Join The Team

  1. Good post. Contemporary Christians are not Christ-like. We are not ‘perfect as He is perfect. We are not ‘conformed to His image.’ Like the Pharisees we have perfected the ‘form of godliness’ which cries ‘Lord, Lord’ but denies the power which comes only through being one with the resurrected Christ. We bathe ourselves in Grace….but we refuse participate in ‘resurrection’ living. Seemingly, contemporary Christians are generally…’hearers’ only. We insist that righteousness is imputed rather than being the fruitful outcome of being rooted in the vine. We call God a liar when we contemporary christians say that sin is acceptable to God. We ARE the contemporary Pharisees and Saducess. No different. Such prideful haughtiness was an afront to God in their time…..and remains an affront to God today. The man you mentioned who lives with his girlfriend and does not go to church is no different to the married church member who continues to serve the flesh in the many ways accepted by Christendom. God had little good to say about established religion in His message to the churches in Revelations. He made it clear that all but Smyrna and Philadelphia were damned unless they come to repentance of their ‘churchianity.’ They were not the Body of Christ nor the Bride of Christ. Neither are we. Christ’s true church exists but is ‘few’ amidst the millions of professing Christians. The warm and fuzzy contemporary christianity is far removed from the servant who was murdered as he invited the friends of the king to the king’s banquet. We ARE the friends of the king who would kill the servant, who still ‘kill’ God’s prophets through ridicule, and who has such a log in our own eye that the Light of God cannot reveal inward darkness. The log of sin prevents such illumination. We are NOT compelled to ‘work out our salvation with FEAR AND TREMBLING!!!’ What is there to fear??…when our doctrine insists that Grace is a blanket which covers our darkness…..when we justify our sin by mere ‘belief’ that Jesus is the Son of God and that, yes, He died on that cross. But our doctrine and tradition never brings us to an experience like that of Peter…of divine revelation of the living Christ as the Son of God…and of the PERSONAL and transforming relationship with the powerful resurrected and alive Son of God. That relationship, according to Christ, is the ‘rock’ on which a true church member must rest….the relationship of being one with the Father and Son. And within all that ‘worldliness’ of churchtendom…the true Bride of Christ exists. She is Holy. She is Rightous. She is impowered. She lays hands on the sick and they are healed. She recognizes and casts out demons. She is real. She is quiet. She does not have huge followings. She is humble. She is a servant. She is not adorn herself in costly apparel. She is an outcast. She does not heap to herself when others are without. She bears much fruit of the Spirit. She is NOT a sinner whose continued sin is winked at by God…because she ‘believes’ in Christ….as does Lucifer. No…she REALLY believes in Christ…as in KNOWS Him…personally…intimately…and is His love, power, and healing in the white harvest fields.

    Again, good post. It sparked much thought.

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