3 comments on “It’s Not My Job!

  1. Great observations, Jim.
    Sometimes I forget that the same people who make up our churches make up our world … and all the associated behaviors. Should it be this way? Of course not. Are there exeptions? Certainly. Thank our gracious and longsuffering Heavenly Father for His patience.

  2. This is true… “See a need and fill it.” its the way people become millionaires and others become famous. Its also how lowly people accomplish extraordinary feats of kindness and generosity.

    PEOPLE actually encourage this behavior… Unions have strict rules… “you start being proactive and you could put someone out of a job…”

    “Disciple – Doing the right thing even when no one is looking.”

    “If its not chained down or locked up its community property.”

    I give you quotes of the US Army.

    For the most part, I can think of several instances when the “Its not my job” came into play. And being proactive was met with pure anger and “ITS NOT YOUR JOB!”

    A person can justify anything given the intelligence to do so and time to formulate a response.

    “I took that bag of money. Because, it was in the street and GOD had obviously sensed my stress over my bills and the lack their of money. GOD made that bag fall, he made it fall for me to pay my bills.” etc. and so forth.

    Respect is something that I feel is on the endangered list, given adults and children a like.

    You SHOULD respect others things whether it is taking care of tools you borrow/rent or leaving be/bringing back what doesn’t belong to you. but this doesn’t always happen, and that is sad.

    And from what I read in the bible… god doesn’t have grass to mow… joking…

  3. Robert,

    Thanks for commenting. I like your sentence, “Respect is something that I feel is on the endangered list.” Great point.



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