7 comments on “Don’t Just Buy The Shirt — Join the Team!

  1. I don’t really believe that any of us are seriously committed to Him.

    But the great news of the gospel is that in spite of the mixed bag that our sinfulness leaves us with, that the Lord is really committed to us!

    That’s the gospel.

  2. Your post title should be on a t-shirt! 🙂 Great post. I’ll be borrowing your illstration for my children’s class! Great object lesson! ~ Ruth

  3. Adam,

    I must disagree. I’ve met many people who are seriously committed to God. However, I would say that none of us are as committed to God as God is to us. But you’re right — that is the essence of the Good News.

  4. Thanks, Donna. It is always good to hear from a fellow author and high school friend. Besides writing my book, I like to write 500-600 word stories about Scripture; little insights that I hope will help others not just understand Scripture, but find a way to apply it to their lives. I’ll be checking in on your blog as well.



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