5 comments on “Scriptures That Bother Me — 1 Cor. 6:19-20

  1. Another story for you:

    I was told of a professor at a Christian college who was so engaged in the things of God that he often would let the entire world around him fade into oblivion.

    One night at a basketball game, he entered one of the doors of the court reading a book. While the game was in progress (sweat, yelling, physical movement, and lights), he walked across the court reading. Everyone stopped and just watched in reverant awe as this man made his way across the room and out.

    I drive semi for a living. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself having to turn around because I was embroiled in thought regarding God. I’m not patting myself on the back by mentioning this (perhaps I am). But there is a life where nothing in this world matters any more. Such people will often find themselves locked out of the world. But every lock they encounter, they would gladly leave locked. What possible loss is there to losing the entire world? 40 years of social hatred stacked up against 40 billion years of eternity? What choice is there really?

    By His Grace.

  2. Hiway,

    Thanks for that great story. I’ve always been WAY TOO conscious of myself to ever walk across a court like that. At the same time, I envy his complete dedication to his task at hand. And, like you, I’ve looked up from driving and realized I’ve gone too far! Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to respond.



  3. Great stories!

    Yes, none of us are up to the task.

    We are earthen vessels. But God’s specialty is using the ‘finite to contain the infinite.’

    We are righteous by faith, but sinners in fact.

    But don’t sweat it. Jesus knows this about us. He’s not deluded about who and what we REALLY are. He’s not put off by it. He’s decided to save us! And it is He who works in us to accomplish His purposes.

    and we don’t have to be “spiritual giants” for Him to do that. He is God, after all.


  4. We, who desire His smile, look for items of faith which might provoke us to the “More”. None can compare to Jesus’ status. But there are men who have left a smoldering tattoo on this world. It is good to aspire to their mark.

    We are, indeed, fools saved by the Grace of God. But we walk among the same men who would gladly re-crucify the Lord. And so we trudge toward that which is best. In Christ we are already dead to them. What will it matter if they take our blood also? Right now, they strive to take away our freedom to speak His name. Soon they will come after His people with a vengence.

    May the Lord have mercy on those who desire the “More”. For the Glory of the Father, and that through Christ Jesus His Son.

    By His Grace.

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