4 comments on “Answers to Imperfect Prayers

  1. I’m often baffled by which prayers get answered and which don’t. I’m thinking that it has a lot to do with seeing and hearing what God is doing and aligning our wills with that—as Christ explained He did.

    If it weren’t so overwhelmingly clear that God desires us to pray constantly, I’d be inclined to sit contently and let God do what He’s going to do regardless of my prayers or faith.

  2. Bruce, how I look forward to sitting contentedly and letting God do what He wants regardless of my prayers, faith OR personal desires. Unfortunately, I’m not THAT mature in Christ! But you are right, it has much to do with aligning our wills with His. And, since He is eternal and I’m only 51, I think that accomplishment will take a few more years. Like, just this side of eternity!

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