7 comments on “I Refuse To Be A Dittohead

  1. Thank you for these great words! God has been speaking to me about this lately. I believe is saying to use the specific gifts and talents He has given to this specific creation. He will bless me as long as I use those gifts for His glory. And I will say, with great posts like this you will have more than half a dozen readers : )

  2. Thanks. It is a process for all of us to be submitted to our leaders and also find our own leadership place. As long as you truly seek to be yourself as you glorify God, while at the same time letting others be themselves, you’ll be a successful minister. Blessings.

  3. Wow! You’ve got SIX readers?? I need to step it up!! 😀

    Seriously, though . . . I’m still working on this concept. It’s difficult, because I think, as humans, we tend to want to imitate those we can see, rather than him whom we cannot see. That sentence is probably a grammatical nightmare. Which is why I’m a musician, not an English teacher.

  4. Jeff,

    I do believe we want to imitate those we see. As a fellow musician, I’m inspired by other musicians who have the chops I wish I had. However, I’ve rarely met a good musician who tries to create the student in their own image. If I could take piano lessons from Keith Jarrett (wouldn’t THAT be a dream!!), Keith would teach me technique and mood and the soul of the piano, but he wouldn’t want me to be another Keith; he’d want me to be a unique Jim. This is just what I haven’t always encountered working for some pastors. This is why I strive to let my staff be themselves as we work toward to same goal of bringing the power and presence of Jesus into the lives of the people we encounter.


  5. Being comfortable in our OWN skin (not sure i like “skin”) be that as it may the message is there. It is written somewhere “if we compare ourselves with ourselves we are without understanding”. Not sure I get the jest of that completely, but worken on it.

    Forever your brother
    In Christ


    ps So if I am 5 or 6 and 7 signs on am I more important than 7 or does 8 trump me?

    Its my conundrum.

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