3 comments on “Transparent Holiness

  1. “…pride and the need to prove myself successful isn’t the precious commodity it once was.” Pravo! Well said! How’s that song go, “the things of life will grow strangly dim in the light of His glory and grace?. Something like that anyway. Enjoyed the read. Keep pressing forward!

  2. Hi Jim, I have been wanting to sit and read your blogs for some time, and now that I have a 2 week vacation I am taking advantage of the extra time. This particular article was very freeing to me. The day my husband came to me and said “Can I have my wife back?” was very startling to me. I hadn’t realized I was saying yes to everything people asked of me instead of staying in my strengths. This was making me miserable in the things I was NOT graced for, plus denying my family of wife and mother. It is difficult to say no, but it is becoming much easier when I realize I do more harm than good by saying yes.

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