2 comments on “Jesus Is Looking At Me!

  1. I know this Peter syndrome is something I’ve struggled with personally. It’s easier to believe that God’s power and love and mercy are for the next guy but not for me! I see this in so many people, and it’s that lack of faith and unbelief that leads to a sinking relationship with Jesus.

    I think when the pain of our own lives outweigh the fear of losing our life –that’s when we allow Jesus to get up close and personal with us.

  2. TJ,

    You are right. Too often we think the power of God works for others but not for us. We’ll trust Jesus with our eternal salvation, but can He REALLY handle our finances, business ventures and family? Well, we’ll have to wait and see. . . ! I believe that it is one thing to allow Jesus to be our Savior, but it takes the rest of our lives to understand in how many ways He is truly our sovereign lord.



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